CRE Career Advice Needed

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I'm a recent graduate from a semi-target Canadian business program (undergrad) and I am having trouble finding a job. My long term career goal is to get into real estate development/investments. As I see it, I have a few options to choose from moving forward, and I'm hoping you can give me some much-needed advice.

Background Info:
* Majored in Entrepreneurship (regrettably)
* CGPA: 3.2
* Work Experience from oldest to newest: CRE Brokerage (Boutique focused on retail), Municipal Government (Research), Project Management (Manufacturing/Engineering Company), Insurance Brokerage (P&C)
* Passed CFA Levels 1 & 2
* Finished my course requirements in December of 2018 as part of a semester abroad. I have been applying to jobs since last fall and have still not landed anything.

Currently, I am applying to all jobs real estate and finance related. I had left my internship in CRE brokerage in hopes of getting a job on the buy side, but when I interviewed with a few firms I got the feedback that I needed to improve my finance and accounting knowledge. Being late in my undergrad I decided to stick to my major rather than extending my graduation, and enrolled in the CFA Program instead. In the meantime I took a job with the municipal government in their research department, followed by an internship as a project manager with an engineering firm (I thought it would have helped getting a job within development). Most recently I took a contract job at an insurance brokerage as an office manager (mostly book keeping) to make some money, but that ended in June. After getting a number of "regret to inform you" emails for companies I interviewed with, I took the rest of the summer off to travel, and now I am back at square one.

As I am starting to lose hope on getting my desired job, I see the following as my options:
* Get in touch with my former CRE brokerage employer and see if they would take me back. I will mention they had offered to extend my internship and I declined it,
mentioning I want to be on the principal side and relocate to a larger market. Nonetheless, I believe I left on good terms.
* Move to a larger market with more jobs and hope I land something there (most likely Vancouver, though I would consider Toronto as well).
* Apply for MSRED programs - I am hesitant about this option due to the large cost, both monetary and opportunity. All programs seem to be $50k+ and a lot of people
say experience is the best way to learn about real estate.

I will mention that I have exhausted essentially all other options within my current city, having either emailed or interviewed with the large brokerage's investment sales teams, commercial banks' real estate divisions, commercial mortgage lenders/CMBS, and asset managers; I view my former employer as my only option while living here.

Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.