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In reading the thread about why we mostly come back to WSO a reoccurring theme of "giving back" and helping people break in appreared. I thought we could centralize some general interview tips. Since I'm only a few years in, hopefully some of the senior guys in here can pitch in with what they've seen. Some initial things to expect below for lower level interviews.

  1. Answer why Commercial Real Estate? (this includes knowing people).
  2. For entry level, knowing the structure of a basic operating agreement.
  3. Proficiency in Excel/Argus or ability to show your commitment to learning
  4. (Ties with 3) Modeling really depends on the shop, this is where it pays to figure out the balance between being completely honest and talking yourself up to a level you can reasonably back up.
  5. Be able to talk about what the company/broker focuses on or ask solid enough questions to let people know you tried to figure it out.
  6. If you're already in the industry, talking about deals you've worked on. If you're not, talk about internships. If this is your first internship, figure out why you're capable in a professional setting.

Will turn it over to you folks and hopefully create a good source to help people prepare in the future.

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Apr 3, 2020