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Having a phone interview with chief development officer at a small firm, which is diversified in multi family, mixed use, master planned communities. I have a finance degree, have been in a financial analyst role (basically glorified accounting) doing forecasting and reporting for the last few years so I'm hopeful I have transferable skills there and from what I've heard so far, the cultures seem similar. I'm really shocked I even landed this interview since my lack of working in real estate is usually a deal breaker. The recruiter said that's the only thing that would blow my chances cause no one wants to have to hand hold me. I've taken a real estate finance class and I'm not a complete noob so I want to convey my interest and willingness to learn on my own without seeming desperate.

What types of questions to expect? If the phone interview goes well i would go meet the guy in person too. so I'm thinking this first convo would be more of a personality fit?

Any advice or tips on development analyst interviews --please send this way. I can pm description but it seems like doing financial analysis of current and potential acquisitions, reports, overall dipping into a bit of everything to Segway into a development manager position

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Sep 13, 2019

Just remember that development is much more about your ability to manage and maintain multiple consultants/tasks/milestones than it is the financial modeling end. Development is spinning plates for a living.

That might not seem quite right for a strictly "analyst" role and I've certainly used these forums for modeling advice before, but my point is that they won't necessarily be impressed by someone who only understands numbers.

Talk about a serious interest in learning about the pre-development, design, entitlements and financing processes and don't be afraid to admit that you're green. If you have experience managing groups of people, college projects and expectations, or have the desire to build that skill, make it known.

From my experience in development, people want someone hungry to learn, consistent and able to be sophisticated in coordinating various efforts at once and parlay all of that in a genuine will to learn and it should benefit you.

Hope this helps. PM me if you want any other specific tips.

Source: development associate at a boutique, 2 years direct development experience, 3 in the industry

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Sep 13, 2019