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EU-based analyst here at a big 3 rating agency. Was approached by major credit AM firm (think Oaktree) regarding an Associate role. However, I have less than a year's experience in this role and really wanted to soak up as much as possible in terms of credit analysis skills and developing that mindset overall.

I have not done any real modelling apart from using the fairly automated models we use. Feel unprepared for an interview, as I expect modelling tests etc. I was only aiming to realistically land these jobs after 1+ years in my current role, I know it is a good opportunity (granted, nothing is guaranteed).

Any tips or any practice modelling test you can recommend me in terms of getting up to speed? If the first interview is a general fit-based conversation I could potentially take it from there. What questions should I be prepared to nail at this stage?


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Nov 19, 2021 - 1:10pm

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