Credit Analyst Buy/Sell side

Hi everyone,

I am interested in Credit Analyst roles, and currently performing my last internship (end-of-studies internship) at BNP Paribas in Paris as a Credit Risk Analyst.
What i do on a daily basis : I assess risk (financial and business risk) by performing a financial analysis and trying to understand the business (cyclicality, barriere, management...etc), i check guarantees, covenants and give my risk opinion in a written report with an approuval or a denial of the requested Loan after giving a rating to the company. I have the chance to work in a flex office where all BNP Paribas analysts are located, so from time to time i take cases from a different analyst. So far i have done cases on Real Estate, Corporate (Health care, gambling, Agriculture and other industries) in a Sales range of [50k€ to 200M€].
I don't have a fancy degree (Master degree from a school of management in Corporate finance) and i am wondering if it's possible to land a first job as credit analyst sell-side ?

Thank you in advance :)

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Jul 16, 2020 - 8:19am

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