Credit check nightmare

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Hey monkeys,

I'm in the background check phase for an offer at a BB in their Ops division and am getting really nervous about the credit check portion. Basically, I had a run of horrible luck at life for the last year and have had medical issues stemming from a car accident, student loans go unpaid, and a credit card (about 2800) get charged off.

I'm trying to get my life turned around and this position will give me some solid ground to stand on - I don't come from a wealthy family nor do I have any means of settling these debts on my own in the near future. My credit is also horrible (around 550 or so) but I've kept up with card payments over the last 2 years or so with a missed payment here or there. Basically what's killing me are student loans and that charge-off on a credit card.

Aside from that; my background is as clean as they come - only one ticket in my entire driving history and no criminal record. I should add that there are no judgements/liens/bankruptcies on my record at all.

What are the chances of my offer being pulled due to poor credit and basically getting shafted for the last year? I really need/want to turn my life around and don't know what to do if my offer is pulled - if anyone has any advice as far as how to approach this subject; please comment or message me privately. Should I contact HR and bring these issues to light or adopt a wait and see attitude? A lot of threads say not to worry so long that I don't have bk/liens/etc but I'm losing sleep over this.

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Nov 20, 2017

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