Credit Risk Management - Management consulting vs top tier banks

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I have 1.5 years of experience at Deloitte as a Credit Risk Modelling Analyst and finance background. I have received two offers for a Credit Risk Modelling role, one from Oliver Wyman and the other from RBS. My ambition is to develop advanced risk management expertise in banking and become a Credit Risk professional, at this early stage of my career I do not mind working long hours if I enjoy my daily work.

Which opportunity do you think is the best to get a fast exposure to Credit Risk Modelling and Risk Management? What are, in your opinion, the exit opportunities after 3-5 years of experience of these 2 opportunities? Is there any difference?

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Apr 4, 2018

Hi lafayette14, check out these resources:

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Apr 7, 2018

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Apr 7, 2018

Advancement will be faster going the Oliver Wyman route.

Apr 9, 2018

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