Credit Suisse Equity Research (interview prep)

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Interviewing for an ER SA position...
I've gotten tips on how to prepare for this interview, but would definitely like more information, since most of the people I know are going into banking or S&T, not research...

How to prep for this interview?
Fit/qualities/type of person that does this - what are they looking for?
Technical - what types of questions? how many "stocks"/industries should I follow? Where can I find resources on sample questions & answers?

I'm assuming it's generally the same- 1st round 'fit', 2nd round 'technical'?

Anything specific to CS? Is their ER good?

Thank you in advance!

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Feb 8, 2008

Do you know if you are interviewing with HR, an analyst, or a VP?

Feb 8, 2008


Feb 8, 2008

Then be prepared to talk about your resume of course. Try to put a spin on everything into how whatever it is contributes to you being successful in research. Make sure you tell them you are an excellent writer. The fit questions are all the same.

If you interview with an analyst or VP, know the markets down cold (Fed Funds Rate, big economic news, etc). Most of the questions I got were open ended. Based on who wins the election, what sectors will be better or worse off? In one year, will the S & P 500 be up or down. They want to see you back up your answer.

Make sure that you know the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement and their interrelations. How does a change in depreciation effect the three (thats a rather simple one)?

Finally, pick a stock you are comfortable with. They will ask you to "pitch it." Discuss its operations, recent performance, valuation etc. I had a family friend who worked at MS send me a research report on the stock that I chose to make sure I had everything down.

Good luck and I hope that helps.

Feb 10, 2008

Also, does anyone know how many interns they're hiring/spots they have left by ANY chance? lol

Mar 5, 2008