Credit/Fixed income/debt investing fund interview

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Any thoughts/advice on debt specific interview questions? Would love any that you have. thanks!

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Any thoughts/advice on debt specific interview questions? Would love any that you have. thanks!

I just had an interview for a credit analyst in the AM department of an insurance company. The questions I had in the 1st round were almost entirely technical. Keep in mind this is for more of a fundamental analysis type role.
* How would you calculate the cost of driving from XXX to XXX?
* How many sandwiches does Subway sell each day?
* How would you identify margin compression and what might cause it?
* What are the differences and similarities between EBITDA and FCF?
* What are the differences and similarities between bond and equity investors?
* How would you value a company?
There were more but I do not remember the specifics. The 2nd round interview was just behavioral and me walking them through my background, CFA, etc.
Good luck.

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when bond prices go up, what happens to yields? can you explain why?

expect questions about what gets you interested in the market and maybe some more technical bond questions.

what is duration? what is convexity? what are the greeks?


I don't know what you mean by techie questions. I suppose that you mean technical. You might want to know Black-Scholes, basic option pricing theory, and the assumptions underlying these ideas: no-arbitrage and what that implies (the ability to replicate any portfolio, liquid markets, etc.)


Tycoon, since this question is in th IBD section isn't your interview for DCM ratehr than markets as in sales & trading? gka's comments would be good for S&T, probably not so much about DCM, for which there was a similar thread not so long ago.


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