Critique my resume, advice?

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I was shot down pretty hard this SA recruiting season, so I figure it's time to stop slacking and wallowing in self-pity, and to start networking in preparation for FT or a last minute SA position.

Could anybody currently working in MM PE, BB IBD, or VC give some input on my resume? Like first impressions, where my weak spots are/concerns/reservations, how to strengthen my resume, etc., so that hopefully in conjunction with my networking spree I'll do better next time?

I'll pm you the link if you're willing to help me out. In all honesty, I think I'd be happiest in Tech MM PE or VC. However, I wouldn't mind grinding out through BB IBD or an elite boutique just for the training experience before jumping to one of the aforementioned exit opps. I'm really grateful for any time and advice you guys/gals are willing to spare, and I appreciate the help. Thank you.

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Feb 14, 2012

Send away, happy to help

Feb 14, 2012

im happy to help

Feb 14, 2012

pm me

Feb 15, 2012