CRM for CRE?

This is for anyone in CRE who works on deals or real estate sales brokers or mortgage brokers.

When marketing a deal, we reach out to 50-200 institutions / clients / investors to see if they are interested in it.

Our way of tracking this is someone below the VP is cc'd to the outreach email and is suppose to catch and log all responses and the VP is supposed constantly manage that connection and check his or her email with all 100+ conversations manually. We just type notes into excel as to where they are in the process and its an incredibly inefficient and error prone process.

Sometimes the analyst is dropped off CC and doesn't catch the email, sometimes the VP doesn't see all the replies. Sometimes the Analyst has to reconcile 100+ emails with physical notes the VP took because they didn't have the excel sheet open.

I am trying to see if a CRM can fix this. Our principal concern is a system that can track who has responded and who has not automatically. But I am open to hearing about any CRM that is used that has made deal flow process easier and improved quality of life.

What do you use and what would you recommend? Love to hear your thoughts.

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Sep 5, 2021 - 10:32pm

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