Crypto Malware: Switching Wallet Addresses

Bottom line: always check the 1st and last 5 address characters when you move assets between wallets - especially if you use a Windows OS. Most Anti-Virus software doesn't pick this up since it's a new type of malware.

Backstory: For the first time yesterday, I tried to add my VRA from my KuCoin to the Web Wallet to stake. Since this was a new wallet I know to send a tiny amount (despite the 700VRA fee) just to check if it works. But when it didn't show up I looked closely at what happened.

I noticed when I copied the VRA wallet address and pasted to my KuCoin withdrawal page, the addresses had changed. I tried multiple times and the same thing happened. After I copied the address, a different address showed up when I pasted. I googled and found this has happened to many people due to malware on their systems which switches the addresses when they copy. This is known as crypto copy and paste malware.

Crypto is a new technology and it has its risks - I understand. But we must try to protect one another from falling prey to dickheads taking advantage of people trying to save for their futures. We can't let a few bad actors ruin the reputation and game for the rest of us. Please tell your friends and family about this so they don't lose their hard-earned money. 


This was the address that kept getting pasted (I understand the malware has a list of addresses they use and will deploy the one that is most similar to the one you just tried to copy so it is less detectable to the human eye)


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Aug 26, 2021 - 2:43pm

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