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I'm currently a summer analyst in a good group at a top 3 BB in New York. I definitely enjoy the job and would consider accepting a return, however I've always wanted to go into a real estate. I don't know too much about the opportunities available to recent college graduates, so if someone wouldn't mind giving me an overview of the industry at an analyst level that would be very helpful. Something along the lines of common paths college grads take, descriptions of the different types of jobs available, lifestyle, and comp.


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Jul 6, 2019

this question is asked weekly. try the search bar

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Jul 6, 2019


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Jul 8, 2019

In fairness he could say the same to you regarding plenty of helpless people.

What interests you in commercial real estate, is it lending, owning, developing, selling? Your question is super broad. Surely with your internship you have great credentials, come up with a compelling why CRE and start networking. Real estate isn't as generalized as typical PE so it will be very hard for folks to give you an accurate walk-through of what you'd be doing. Tell us something about what interests you in CRE.

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Jul 9, 2019