Currently CurrentlCurrently local MM bank, how to increase my chances for future lateral to BB (London)

Hi All,

I am from Europe and finished my MSC degree about half a year ago. My msc was not a target, but top university in the country (My GPA was quite high, top 5% of the year with several extracurrilar activities). During my studies I did several internships (in M&A and Levfin) at a local bank and local boutique. After I finished my msc I started working in a IB/front-office department (think M&A/Levfin) at a local bank (still biggest in the country).

Now here is my question: If, in ~1.5-2 years (mean I would have ~2 years of FT experience), I would like to latteral to a BB in London, what are some things I could do during the 1.5/2 years to maximize my odds to make the switch succesfully?

Some (obvious) things:
- Excel at my job at my current employee, get as much as exposure to deals and so on
- Keep learning, try to do extra things next to full-time job, such as CFA (?)
- Network - however any tips on how to network when already FT working. Do BBs have network events for full-time employees? (I know for students there are plenty + internships/summer analyst of course).

Any advice is welcome!

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Jun 7, 2020 - 2:47pm

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