Hilarious article in today's Wall Street Journal:

"One night recently, a dozen Goldman employees from the Chicago office were yucking it up at happy hour, which starts at 5:30 sharp. The group was huddled around three tables in a cafeterialike room overlooking the headquarters of Merrill Lynch & Co., now owned by Bank of America, drinking free Budweiser out of plastic cups and eating pretzels and tortilla chips. Another evening, topics of conversation around the bar ranged from Bermuda reinsurers to hedge-fund fraud........

.....Life was grander back in 2007, when Goldman booked record earnings of $11.6 billion. If visiting a Midtown client, employees could stay at New York's Plaza Athenee, which features "luxurious European fabrics in a French contemporary decor," according to the hotel Web site. Its quoted nightly rate is $795. The Carlyle's current, undiscounted room rate is $755. Those who wanted to be near Goldman's headquarters at 85 Broad St. near Wall Street, could bed down at the downtown Ritz-Carlton, where rooms typically cost $495 a night. (Corporations sometimes negotiate lower room rates at all these hotels.) "Thank goodness, other companies are still appreciating European luxury," said a spokeswoman for the Plaza Athenee, who said that other investment banks -- she wouldn't say which ones -- are still using the hotel."

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just read the article, i guess perks are going to keep getting cut or minimized.

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"The firm recently slashed the number of computer printers at its New York headquarters, frustrating employees who now have farther to walk in order to retrieve pitchbooks."

Printing pitchbooks hardly seems like a "perk" to me.


"These Wall Street goings-on were lost on Holly Jaye, a 24-year-old schoolteacher from Jasper, Ala., in town for an education conference. Ms. Jaye, who had just sneaked in a trip to the Statue of Liberty, said she had never heard of Goldman Sachs."

No wonder public education is so fucked


Goldman owns that hotel. Enough said.


She didn't know Goldman...idiot.

But on a funny note isn't Sawyer from Lost from Jasper,Alabama?

So what do you do?
-I work for an investment banking firm.
Oh okay; you are like my brother, he works for Edward Jones.
-No, a college degree is required in my profession

Reality hits you hard, bro...


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