Cutting My Losses and Moving to IB: How Does My Plan Sound?

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Hey All,

Me again, the guy that let a headhunter convince him to jump ship from a $4B AUM Growth Equity fund to the soon-to-be dissolved $1B investment arm of a private trust.

Background Stats: 3.4 GPA, Top 25 School, ~$500mm closed transactions on resume, sophisticated technical skills. In my second year out of UG.

My Plan: Cut my losses and try to transition to a solid investment bank. I'm done mucking around the LMM AM world trying to find a spot at below the radar firms and want to bail into IB for the structure and stability.

My Question: What are the best resources available to start networking my way into IB?
LinkedIn and personal connects are my first line of attack, but besides that does anyone know of a good recruitment agency that works with MM firms in NY? Otherwise what online job boards are useful? Do LinkedIn applications ever get responded to?

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Nov 7, 2019

Ugh, thought it was an actual response. Sad!

Nov 8, 2019