Data Quality/Assurance position at top hedge fund - exit opps?

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I received an offer from a top hedge fund for a data QC/QA role. The work that's done with the data is very interesting (but my position would be to formalize and implement QC processes) and I would end up with skills in SQL/Python, or essentially any type of hard skill I would like to learn.

However, currently I work in litigation consulting in financial markets. I love my job and I have learned a lot about finance, whereas the position at this hedge fund will be limited to tech skills and equities. Pre-MBA, however, it may be difficult for me to move into a more purely finance role with my background. The position at the hedge fund will allow me to have skills beyond SAS that may be useful in a position post-MBA, or I could possibly lateral into another position after a year or two since my foot will already be in the door. The hedge fund is very well known and will look attractive on a resume, and data/programming skills are very much in demand.

The question is, would a data QA/QC role at a tech oriented hedge fund be helpful in breaking into other areas of finance? I find the position interesting but I'm not entirely sure if it's the most advisable career move besides being a foot in the door.

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Feb 2, 2018