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According to the interview, they can make 50k+ in a week!

Not sure what the bonus is like, but the hours are pretty rough.

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Apr 18, 2007

You can also make a lot per week trafficking drugs and weapons but you don't have the balls for that either.

Apr 18, 2007

Well that's a little higher on the danger scale. I think I'm too risk averse for that.

Apr 19, 2007

remember its seasonal.. and people die..

Apr 19, 2007

The fatality rate isn't as high as people seem to think that it is. It isn't like 20% of them get killed or something.

There are something like 24-25 fatalities a year, which is certainly a lot, but like 50,000 people go out every year. It isn't a death sentence, but you should watch yourself. I have a family friend who's done it for a few years now.

Count me out.

Apr 19, 2007

What's it all about?

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Apr 19, 2007

My favorite show after the Sopranos.

Apr 18, 2007