Dealership Racket

Happy new year Monkeys, perhaps not for Tesla. It looks like the dealership association has won at least part of the battle. Being from Silicon Valley this hits close to home.

Tesla has been rejected to receive a license renewal for selling new vehicles in Missouri, the United States. In St-Louis and Kansas City the Californian company has been selling its vehicles online or through special stores, but this will be no longer available since the last day of last year - at least, for some time.

I find this whole dealership racket to be absurd. Having worked in the automotive industry, and being an automotive enthusiast myself, I can't stand and defend the dealer franchise model. It might have worked in the 40s and 50s but this is no longer practical. Manufacturers already have so much control over what dealers can and can't do, they control the customer experience down to the very furniture and music. Does that automotive dealers association have that much authority that it can wield it over the heads of government? Apparently so.

You are no longer able to buy a Tesla in Missouri

What is there to gain from this for the rest of us? Am I just a Tesla fanboy(I don't plan on owning one)?

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