Deals consulting vs Investment Banking - Next step in career, advice wanted

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Any advice on my next career move would be appreciated

Currently a Big 4 auditor in UK (recently qualified) - my end goal is mid-market PE.

I've been accepted for an internal move to Deals Consulting where the role is focused on providing advice to mainly PE houses and some corporates on M&A deals providing services such as:
- Commercial and operational due diligence
- Synergy creation and review
- Post-deal operational improvement
- Carve out and divestment support

I am now conflicted as to whether it would a better choice to try find a job in M&A/Lev. fin. at an investment bank in order to gain greater deal exposure and improve my modelling skills. I do have some financial modelling experience (self taught - using a friend's AdkinsMatchett&Toy books and online resources) but I haven't been able to practice this in a work environment.

My questions are:
1) Would the consulting role place well into PE?
2) Should I search for an IB job and decline the consulting role?
3) Would I be better to stay in the consulting role for a year or so, go to IB for a bit and then try apply for PE?

Any advice would be appreciated - Thanks!

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Jul 29, 2018

Is the deals consulting role within your own firm? That would impact my advice significantly. If it is within your own firm then it's a safe to fail decision to take it. No question about that.

If it's outside of your firm then can you leverage it to get the same offer in your firm? If not, then perhaps try line up an IB offer before you reject the deals consulting one. Better to have a light at the end of the audit tunnel then nothing and that consulting you've mentioned (i.e. PMI type consulting) tends to be harder to get into than other forms of consulting.

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Jul 31, 2018

The deals consulting role is within my firm so it would be a straightforward internal move. What's your view with this in mind?

Please can you also explain your point on it being a safe to fail decision to take it?

Jul 29, 2018

ive seen quite a few consultants make the move from CDD work to MM PE, I think this is especially prevalent in the UK. Of course your chances are way higher from Investment Banking. I guess the the decision is take the guaranteed job that may get you into a MM PE vs hustle real hard to find a job that may get you into MM PE.

Jul 31, 2018