Debt & Equity Analyst vs. Institutional I/S vs. Acquisition Analyst

Interviewing and applying for Debt/Equity Team, Investment Sales Team, and several Acquisition Analyst positions. I am about to receive an offer from a Value-Add Acquisition firm that specializes in industrial/flex/office conversion to Life Science and Creative Office use. They are financed by a multi-billion dollar consulting firm and are looking to deploy $500,000,000+ in acquisitions over next 24 months. There's only 5 principals that represent the "CRE Investment Arm" of the billion dollar consulating firm that backs the fund. The pay will be good but I will only get exposure to office/covered land acquisition, development/stabilization/lease-up, then disposition. Their business model is acquire, hold 3-5 Years, Redevelop/Lease,/Stabilize, Sale for 1.5x+. 

I am also on my last interview round (Debt & I/S Analyst), but they won't have an opening for two more months. I connected with a managing director. I've had in-person interviews with 4 people on his team and they have acknowledged that everyone gave me great feedback.

Seems promising, should I wait or accept the acquisitions analyst role?  I know how competitive and can easily be over-hired by a client's son, etc lol..

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  • Analyst 2 in RE - Comm
Apr 23, 2021 - 11:33am

Interesting first option. Mind me asking what comp they're offering for a consulting backed CRE investment arm?

Most Helpful
Apr 23, 2021 - 11:55am

Tell JLL that you have the offer in-hand from the other company. Say that you would like to see the process out and are very interested in working for them, but you don't want to turn down a concrete offer to wait and see for JLL. If they really like you then they will likely speed things up, if not then take the gig and don't look back.


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