Decentralized Trading Jobs-- Putting your own capital down, working from home?

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My college career site has a job posting for an equity trading gig at a prop trading firm. The idea is that it's part time hours and full time pay. You work from home and you trade your own professional trading account, only communicating through other traders through webchat. They supposedly teach you how to trade, and I believe there is a base salary of 60,000 but that is less clear. Anyway, it sounds like a fairly straight forward process toward a trading job, but I'm naturally skeptical of something like this especially coming right out college. Are these types of jobs a good idea or in anyway the norm? Pros? Cons? It seems like you'd have trouble building a network and future employers, even trading firms, wouldn't really 'buy' it or respect it. That said, I'm pretty removed from this type of thing.

Edit: the firm i'm talking about is Affinity Trading, just fyi. Anyone know anything about them?