Deciding between Hedge fund or PE if an elite business school is my end goal

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I am currently a SA at a mega multi-manager HF (think Millenium/P72/Citadel). Still uncertain about my long-term career plan, but I have been thinking of working in management of a larger corporation or starting my own venture, not in the finance space specifically.

I am from a non-target school and to excel, I feel that an elite B-school (H/Y/S) will best position me. My only concern is that administration will not value a HF gig as much as say PE or consulting. I genuinely enjoy the culture/work that I am doing right now as a SA and feel this is an unparalleled experience for an undergrad. Do you think it would be difficult to pivot later on due to the niche skill set of HF, or since I am still relatively early in my career path, this learning opportunity will still set me off on the right direction.


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Jul 5, 2019

I think working in a HF does develop a niche skill valuable largely to only the industry. However it sounds quite odd to use an elite HF/PE role to pivot to an elite business school. Usually people do it the other way around...

My 2 cents would be that if you enjoy your HF role and if you get a return offer, it would probably be an exciting place to start your career especially because you're at one of the big multi managers. And if after a couple years you realise you don't want to be in the HF space, then perhaps you can apply to business school and use that to pivot into a different career.

A lot of finance people in business school are your 2+2 kids - but that's just because it's the most common path and most don't get into HF/PE from undergrad anyway. I think you'll be fine when it comes to business school applications despite coming from a pure HF background. In my opinion, PE will give you a more transferable skill set but then if you want to do PE, you're probably better off doing the IBD -> PE -> Business school route which you're probably familiar with.

At the end of the day - I don't think you will be massively disadvantaged (if at all) in business school apps, for coming from an HF background.

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Jul 8, 2019

Simple answer: 1) won't negatively effect bschool application, especially if you're at an elite fund, 2) isn't really that niche of a skill set at that jr a level and you will be able to pivot.

It's actually a really easy story for bschool application / interviews. I started off analyzing companies, industries, etc. and now want to pivot to a role where I can contribute to an actual business.

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Jul 25, 2019