Deciding where to start career: Econ consulting or asset management

Hey all,

Been a long time reader of WSO, but thought I would finally create a post and ask for some help. I am currently deciding where to start my career. I have two options.

Econ/lit consulting at a middle tier firm.
-mostly for when M&A deals go bad, and the firm serves as a valuation expert in court
-Lots of financial modeling
-clients are lawyers and not actually companies

Product analyst at large well know asset manager
-Develops product/vehicle areas as businesses
-unbelievable hard interview with lots of technical finance questions, but that job description does not make it seem like an investing role
-Every interviewer was from top MBAs

I am pretty unsure of what I wish to do long term. I think possible working in corporate finance/strategy or a startup would fit me best. Also, have some interest in possibly pursuing an MBA in the future.

Any thoughts/opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Feb 11, 2019