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Hey everyone,

I'm currently a junior at a west coast semi target (UCB/UW/USC) and I've lined up a SA stint at a HF (AUM > $10B) for Summer 2021. I was looking through profiles of people at the firm, and most PM's have an MBA from HSW or a Top 7 School. I'm also a STEM major and felt like I have a competitive profile for Deferred MBA programs. But I wanted to understand why everyone does an MBA (especially people who already have a buyside job). 

If I were to receive a FT offer, I would definitely work at this firm and would want to be on their PM track, but knowing that almost all PMs have an MBA, should I apply to Deferred MBA programs? I got time on my hand to prep for GMAT, gather recs etc., so my main questions would be:

  1. Why do people who already have buyside roles apply to and complete their MBAs?

  2. Should I potentially ask this firm to sponsor my MBA? I am not sure if such programs exist within HFs, but I know that consulting firms sponsor MBAs, so not sure if this was an option. 

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks once again! 

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  • Analyst 1 in Consulting
Dec 10, 2020 - 1:20pm

These programs, at least at Harvard and Stanford, are meant for people in operating companies. They explicitly state this on the website. They don't really take people in finance or consulting unless they're underrepresented minorities.

Wharton and the rest are a bit different about that I think. 

  • Intern in HF - Other
Dec 10, 2020 - 4:59pm

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