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Here's my situation. I am a senior finance major at a non-target private school. My GPA is a 3.5 I have extracurricular activities such as NCAA athletics, and involvement in my schools Finance Club. I have spent the past 2 summers working as a bank teller back at home (banking experience).

I graduate this May, and was wondering what areas of finance are realistic for me to land a position upon graduating. With school and athletics this spring I have limited time and I want to ensure I focus all of my networking, application, and phone call efforts to firms and job positions that are most likely to result in opportunities.

I am open to a lot of different opportunities, but would like to focus on a career path in analyzing/researching securities, or also getting into Corporate Finance. What are good entry level positions to target based on my chances.

I understand this website is heavily involved in IB, and thats not realistic for me. But I'd appreciate any and all suggestions.

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Jan 5, 2019