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Hi, I'm an international student and a rising junior in college in nyc. In the last couple of months, I applied and interviewed at some funds for a fall internship. Recently received an offer from a family office that I had applied to. They have asked me to reply with some info so they can proceed with paperwork.

At the same time, I was also given final round in person interviews at 2 l/s equity funds for a fall internship (both > ~2bn aum)

I'd prefer to intern at one of the l/s funds instead of the family office. Is there any way I can delay the paperwork process with the family office without telling them that I'm still waiting on a couple more interviews? Tried accelerating the process at the l/s funds but they want an in person final interview which won't be happening until the end of august since I won't be back until then

The family office is also a good place but I'd prefer the l/s fund since I eventually want to land at a l/s fund after graduation

Edit: MD at family office who interviewed me emailed me saying they're looking forward to work with me after I got the offer. So not sure how to delay the process without turning my back on them until the end of the month

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Aug 2, 2018

Make your choice now. Either go with the family office or take your chances with the other two. None of them are going to sit on their thumbs waiting for you. If you give even a whiff that you're delaying the first offer, you're out and don't even bother.

Aug 2, 2018

I really want to make the decision too. However, the only reason I'm trying to delay is because I think l/s would give me a more relevant experience if I want to land in a l/s fund post graduation. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. All of these places have people who previously worked at top funds so I can leverage that network too but imo l/s would give me a more relevant experience. At the same time, I don't want to risk end up doing nothing this fall too.

I'm an international student, so I'll be starting the CPT work authorisation process only once I get back (which again takes a week or two before I can start working) since I have to be there for the process, so do you think I can tell them that and maybe get some time until I get back?

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Aug 2, 2018


Aug 2, 2018