I on boarded from home and will actually enter the office next week.delete……. delete……. delete…….

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delete……. delete……. What are women wearing @ GS NYC? I'm worried that a full suit will be too hot on the subway, and that walking 1.5 miles in heels isn't feasible. I guess I can quick change right before I get into the office. Any advice?

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Jun 16, 2021 - 1:03am

NYC can get quite warm during the summer so wearing a full suit all day isn't ideal. I'd suggest wearing nice pants (preferably lighter material) with a blouse or dress shirt. Skirts and dresses are another good option but make sure they aren't too short in length. As for shoes, I would recommend a pair of comfy loafers or flats. I get mine from Sam Edelman since they aren't too expensive but still look nice and professional. Also, it gets cold in the office at times so I'd bring a blazer or sweater just in case.

Jun 24, 2021 - 12:29am

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