Dell FDP vs. GE FMP (and upcoming interviews)

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I'm a Junior at a non-target school for MC firms, who's hoping to just build a good enough resume by next year to get the attention of those firms (for full-time ops). I've had an internship at the biggest healthcare provider in my state, and a pretty interesting resume beyond that (research, leadership positions, etc.). This year I just applied mostly to FDP programs, Big 4 firms, and some banks.

So far, I've narrowed my offers down to Dell's FDP internship, and GE Healthcare's FMP internship. I have a final rd interview with Deloitte next week for an engagement controller role, which isn't the type of consulting I want to end up in, but at least in the practice. Dell refused to give e a second extension on my offer deadline, and Deloitte probably won't get back to me until after that expires. Also just got invited for a final rd interview with BoA, for a Global Risk Analyst internship, but feel that's a position that doesn't align with my goals and I'd only be taking it for the name - might not even attend. Just saying that to note that they'd also probably get back after Dell expires, if I do attend. Waiting on a couple smaller firms, as well.

Leads me to my question: I have no idea what role I'll be in with Dell or GE this summer. I can get unlucky and be in internal audit, which is not at all applicable to MC, and I've already turned down Big 4 audit opportunities. Then, the only way I'd get the full worth out of Dell would be to start full time with them (not awful - culture and opportunities seem great - but would probably leave eventually for an MBA). GE indicated they're more likely to place me somewhere that fits my skills and interests, but it's obviously going through some shit (not sure if that matters for an internship). The way I thought of it, though, I could paint the picture of being really well-versed in healthcare, with 2 good internships in the sector, when interviewing for MC. Play it up like a passion of mine (not a complete hoax).

I can't find MUCH about the GE Healthcare FMP (most posts are about GE Capital), so I don't know if this has the same prestige it once did, especially with recent struggles. So is it worth it to turn down Dell, and use GE as a safety to the Deloitte position (and maybe other places I interview with in the next couple weeks)? Or do I play it safe, take whatever Dell gives me, and enjoy living in Austin, TX for the Summer?

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Nov 3, 2018

Dell and GE would likely set you up equally well for full time recruiting, though Dell is likely more selective as GE's program intake is pretty large. If I were you I would go to the company/industry that you're more interested in, and the location that you'd rather spend your summer. Would you rather be in Milwaukee suburbs or Austin? Seems like an easy choice to me.

I'm not an expert but I think both of these offers would be better than a non-MC internship at Deloitte.

Feel free to PM me and I can answer any specifics on GEHC.

Nov 4, 2018

First off I'll say I accepted the Dell FDP internship so if you decide to go with them I'll see you in Austin!

To your question: Hopefully you can pivot to MC but from experiences of many older friends full time recruiting for MC is tough if your internship wasn't in MC. Tough not impossible. With that being said Dell and GE are probably equally prestigious, so Make your pick based on where you'd rather work after graduation if MC doesn't work out. In that case Dell might be the better choice because the business is much more stable (as you mentioned) but that's something you need to decide yourself.

If you go Dell PM me, I'd love to connect

Nov 5, 2018

Both the Dell and GE programs are some of the best options as far as corporate programs go. As for a FT-role, I'd prioritize where you'd most want an offer from as a safety in the event you can't get into MC after graduation.

Btw, it's not the worst thing to intern in IA for a summer at Dell, although I'd be surprised if that would happen given your background. They usually want the accounting or tech-heavy types since their program is one of the best for internal audit and coveted by those who actually want to do that work.

After graduation, don't forget to look at some of the boutique firms with healthcare practices. The specialties sometimes won't have an intern program but do recruit for full-time hires.

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Nov 5, 2018

Thanks for the response. I saw you're in consulting. Wondering if you have any take on a engagement controller position at Deloitte that I mentioned. At most first, when you start in that controller role, are you pretty much stuck doing that kind of work going forward? Or is there freedom to eventually transition within that organization (but staying in consulting)? Mostly concerned about the likelihood I'd be able to move from controller to MC down the line.

Nov 5, 2018

I'll PM you

Nov 7, 2018