I am a Information Systems Masters student from CMU and have two offers in hand right now. One is from Deloitte ERS - Technology Risk with the Capital Markets Operations division. The second is from Morgan Stanley as a Technology Analyst which is primarily software dev.

I want to get into consulting and would have taken the Deloitte offer hands down had it been from Deloitte consulting. However i am unsure what my work would be like within ERS. I already have 2 years of software dev experience and want to move towards consulting but i dont know what my exit options will be after ERS. Also will it help me get into a top-15 b-school.

The salary is significantly better at MS as compared to Deloitte which has made choosing only difficult. My offer deadline is near. This forum has been a big help so far. Kindly advise.

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Congratulations on the offers - those are great options to have. I can speak to only one aspect of your concern; I was actually in Deloitte ERS for about three years. It certainly is a great position; however, there is a sufficiently high chance that you will be performing IT audits and other compliance work at least 35% of the time. At least that's how ERS work typically stacks up in the firm for new entrants.

That being said, I have several former colleagues who are in ERS and have since specialized in rather interesting areas such as cloud and mobile security. That seems to be the trend in Deloitte ERS: do the long-hour, shit work early on and earn your way into more interesting IT spots and make a name for yourself. The Capital Markets offer you've been given sounds promising and may be completely different; there may be no compliance involved at all.

So in summary: In my experience there is a very real risk that you will have to scrape your way through IT audits at least some of the time; however, ERS does offer the potential to get into some really interesting tech areas. Hopefully this helps a little.

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Which did you end up choosing? Where do you currently stand?

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