Deloitte FAS Valuation Vs KPMG EVS

Comparing Deloitte Transaction and Business Valuation Associate at Deloitte and KPMG economic and valuation associate at KPMG. Both based in Philadelphia. I did several researches, but limited information. Which group has the better valuation performances? Which group has higher compensation in total? Thanks a lot!

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Oct 22, 2014

KPMG EVS is located in their tax practice so they actually pay a little less than other big 4 valuation practices, other than that the work is extremely similar, I'd imagine if you have offers from both the culture would likely be the deciding factor (the salary gap would be fairly small). As for which one has better clients/ work that's totally office dependent (I don't know which one is stronger in Philly).

Oct 24, 2014

labanker28, thank you so much for your sharing! I will talk to more people in the office.

Mar 8, 2015


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Oct 10, 2016