Describe Your Ideal Home Office

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I'm looking for ideas on what to do with my home office I've been off-and-on putting together for a few months. It would be cool if you guys would describe cool office setups and I'll get inspo and pick and choose what to incorporate and how to incorporate it. A bigass world map I need to frame is going on the blank wall and I'm hanging a bigass USA flag on the ceiling in the space between the can lights. I'm stumped on what to do with audio. I have a little Logitech 5.1 sitting on the windowsill. I listen to podcasts or music from there mostly. Thinking of getting Klipsch bookshelf speakers or Klipsch or Yamaha studio monitors. Any audio people care to weigh in? And then I'm not even sure where I'd put them. Mount them to the back walls? I don't want to put stands in front of my monitor like in a studio setup. Maybe put them on inverted stands off the ceiling?

And then the cable management. I want all the cables hidden. My main power source right now is a power strip mounted to the side of my desk that feeds the laptop (switching to desktop with dual minitors on swivel stand), monitor, and phone charger (magnetic phone mount is on right corner of desk in front of the mug). That stand has the phone charger and the aux going to the speakers behind me and the aux currently is lying on the floor. I want to switch audio input from the phone to the compute. So I gotta figure out where these speakers are gonna be before I do cable management.

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Nov 5, 2019