Didn't get H1B - now what?

Hello fellow monkeys,

Would like to give you a little of my background before getting into this topic:
- Originally from Eastern Europe
- Went to a non-target school in the midwest (had a full athletic scholarship), where I got both my undergrad degree and an MBA - I know it's not the smartest idea to do an MBA at a no-name school, but it was for free and the goal was to improve my H1B lottery chances
- Been working at a no-name boutique investment bank since last March (doing my OPT)
- Passed CFA level 1 in December 2015, Level 2 in June 2016 and will take Level 3 this upcoming June

While the company applied for my H1B, unfortunately, I didn't get selected in a lottery and my OPT is expiring at the end of February. Since I worked for a really small firm, working for them in a different country is not an option. They are willing to reapply in April, but I need to figure a Plan B since I won't be able to start working until October best case scenario.

Anyone else in a similar situation? Of course, I can always go back to my home country and look for jobs there, but let's just assume that's not an option. I'm really flexible when it comes to geography, meaning I'm open to look for finance jobs all over the world. Since I'm not a EU citizen, Western Europe is pretty much out of question for me. I was looking at Canada, Australia, Singapore, UAE as some places I could target. I'm looking for ways to leverage my work experience, CFA, my language skills (I speak fluent Russian). When it comes to industry, I'm also pretty flexible as IB, AM, PE are all some of the fields that really interest me. I would like to hear your input on the work Visa policies in various countries and how you would approach this job search both in terms of geographies and industries.

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Dec 6, 2016 - 8:33pm

There are some alternative visas that could hold you over until the next H1B opens - not sure how flexible your company is willing to be but if they are, that would be viable.

But sorry mate, sounds like a shitty situation.

Jun 23, 2017 - 12:47am

Didn't get the H1-B visa, thinking about relocating to Canada (Originally Posted: 05/10/2016)

I am an international student (on the F-1 Visa doing the OPT) working at a BB, but unfortunately I did not get the H-1B Visa sponsorship. The bank has a similar position opening in Canada and I do not have any problem relocating there, as going back to my country is my last option. I am not sure what the Visa process is like in Canada, but I assume it is not as limited as in the US. I would really appreciate some feed-back from people who had the similar experience. What are my chances of getting a working permit in Canada? Would my company consider moving me there if I asked them for it?

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Jun 23, 2017 - 12:50am

Visa extension/transfer rejected... (Originally Posted: 11/18/2017)

Short Background: 3.5 years in Equity Research, International (came to US for Bachelors), got H1B after graduation

Now, i recently switched jobs from EQR to a Long only fund. I just started after my new company had filed the petition for Visa to be transferred. BUT now less than 2 weeks into my new role, my lawyers told me that USCIS had rejected my H1B transfer (and refused to extend it) saying that my role wasn't specialized enough. Seems like I will have to head out of the US, so considering exit ops.

Back home, there isnt much scope for EQR so I wanted to just assess what potential opportunities I can go for? Private Equity is big in my country but I have zero deal experience. I am pretty sure other people have also gone through this so was wondering if anyone had any advice about this.

Jun 23, 2017 - 12:51am

Hey I_want_to_stay_Anonymous, what a lonely thread. I'm here since nobody responded ...so maybe one of these discussions will help:

If we're lucky, maybe these professional users will respond: @harambeislife" TheTrader007 TechSupportLevel1

If those topics were completely useless, don't blame me, blame my programmers...

  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Apr 2, 2021 - 1:20am

what is the best option? asking the bank to transfer to London/other offices with easier visa policy and then coming back with L1 visa, asking them to try the lottery for me again next year, doing a one year stem master with 3 year opt and starting one year later? 

what is the best strategy? asking HR with whom I have been in contact with (Junior Talent Dep. HR) or the Head of HR CC'ed in my "not selected" email by the immigration lawyers, or do I also reach out to the assigned senior mentor, or the VP and/or MD from my division?

Apr 2, 2021 - 2:42am

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