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I am currently applying for a Master in Finance and would like to hear what you guys think of my profile, if I even have a chance as my profile is not the "norm" regarding most other profiles here or general any recommendations for the future.

I am German (22) but finished high school in Chile, then studied Business Administrations (Bachelor of Arts) in Spain. It was a trilignual program (English, German, Spanish) and also dual so 3 month work (top 3 transport/logistics company), 3 month university for 2 years. I also spent 4 months working for the same company in Ireland and 6 month exchange semesters in China. For the last year of my university (6th&7th Semester) I worked in a big automotive company as project manager and simultaneously wrote my thesis (Controlling). Grades are very average. Cambridge C1 English and Spanish C1. Right now studying for my GMAT and going for 680-700. I won a Case Study Competition, know Python and R, basic mandarin knowledge, started two student organisations and a alumni club at my University and some more "minor" stuff like that.

After 3 years in big companies I learned that this is definitively nothing I want to do (boring, no work, lazy people, stiff hierarchy, almost impossible to get a good position without connections and before 40 years old). As I have some friends in finance and always loved math I thought about studying Finance and try to get into IB.

After spending a lot of time reading in forums like this I figured I have to go to a Top 20 University to even get a chance in Banking. I am right now applying for Bocconi and my second choice would be Copenhagen or Stockholm.

I understand I have a kind of "out of the box" profile for finance (consulting would be nice too) but I would be very happy to hear your opinions. Feel free to crush my feelings and tell me I have no chance as long as it is honest :)

Thanks in advance.

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Jan 30, 2019