Hey everyone,

Had something on my mind that has been bothering me for a while so wanted to get all of your thoughts on it.

I'm currently at a target school, but transferred here from community college. I have been going through the interview process and have some pretty good propects.

My GPA at the community college was not very good, <3.5. My GPA at the target is close to a 4.0. After consulting with the career services office, I only put my current school and institution gpa on my resume. My school includes all information from my previous schools on my transcript.

My question is, would I have a problem with this during background checks? I do not feel that I am doing anything wrong as I double checked with the career services office, but can see how it could be viewed as misleading. I want to chose the route that will maximize my chances of getting an offer, and not have any problems down the road.

I see my options as -
1) Bring it up during my final round interviews, and bust out a good story of how I transferred into a target and did my best. This way my ass would be covered, but I think it could adversely affect the decision process. I know that the competition is extremely stiff this year. However, even if I would lose that offer then I'd still have the chance to fight for other ones.

2) Bring it up after I get an offer, tell them that I was worried about it and make sure that it is okay.

3) Say nothing, and hope for the best - I would have the best chance of getting an offer, but could get completely screwed later on.

What would be the best decision? Bankers - how would you feel about a candidate that applied to your firm in this situation?

Serious advice only please. Thank you, it is much appreciated.


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dude. you're cool. i wouldnt worry b/c obviously if you could transfer from a community college to a target school and get some really awesome grades you have ambition and drive. Say nothing and hope for the best. I don't think it's a big deal at all.

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Don't worry about it.


Thanks for your responses.

Ok one more thing, my GPA did go down a bit (about .05) this past semester.

However the GPA on the resume that I submitted to the banks has my GPA from before the semester ended (when it was the highest), as I submitted through contacts early. Would that make a difference?

So now there would be a small difference between the GPA on my resume and my institution GPA, and a large one between the GPA on my resume with my overall GPA.

I would definitely be worried less if this was not the case, but I think that this may cause HR to scrutinize everything a little more.

Let me know, thanks!


Seriously, think of the big picture. None of this matters if you don't get the offer. Spend your time focusing on your interviews and everything else will fall into place.


If they ask you what's one of the challenging thing you faced or something you were afraid of.. tell them the story.. and stuff..

They will understanding...



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