Dilemma with minors

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Freshman at a target school (not HYPW, but we have solid representation on Wall Street). I'm a Finance major. I'm picking classes for next semester, and I'm a little torn on my long-term plan. According to most of you guys, minors don't really matter, so I should just study in what I'm interested in. But here's my situation, let me know what you guys would do ....

1) Should I do CompSci? It's 6 additional classes but I have 6 electives built in our core requirements so it wouldn't be out of the way. But it's probably going to deflate my GPA, especially considering my lack of experience with coding. So why would I take it? Well I feel like learning how to program is going to be vital in the future, and while I can't say if I like it cause I've never taken a CS class, I like math so I feel like there's a good chance I'll like it. How would most employers view it?

2) Econ. It would legit only take 3 additional classes. But would it be worthless considering my major? I like economics, but I would rather take some Bs easy A class if that was the case.

I could do both as well, I could do neither and instead double major in Accounting or some shit.


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Nov 7, 2017