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  • Associate 2 in Consulting
Nov 1, 2021 - 6:02pm

To me, it sounds like you've been spoiled for most of your life but are now in a position where the biggest influence on your trajectory isn't your family or people they know, but yourself. And you're not where you're used to being (living the diplomat child lifestyle) because you don't actually know how to grind, nor do you have the fire to do so.

There are people that grow up in abject poverty and absolutely slave away in school to get a Big 4 audit role and qualify ACA, and they are immensely proud of their achievements (and so they should be). But this isn't enough for you? Your current position is the sum of your effort and desire, but you appear like you feel a bit entitled to better by default.

Nothing wrong with wanting more, or wanting better. But suggest you take an honest perspective look back over your past and ask yourself if you've really tried hard enough and made the most of the opportunities you've had. My suspicion is no, and if you want to pívot into ER the best thing you can do is change that first.

  • Summer Associate in ER
Nov 1, 2021 - 9:35pm

LMAO at wanting to go into ER because it will afford you the free-time to go skiing.. you realize unless you work at a bucket shop you will be working pretty hard.. right?

  • Associate 2 in Consulting
Nov 2, 2021 - 5:08am

What do you mean "in this day and age"?

It's always been like that. In fact, WLB is considerably better today than it was for your parents and grandparents in almost all careers (excluding IB, which achieves the rare exception of managing to have gotten worse).

This is the real world. Shit doesn't get handed to you like you've experienced through school and college.

Nov 2, 2021 - 5:28am

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