Discouraged monkey

Hi guys, first time posting here for me even if it's like 1 year I keep visiting this community.

Actually I am attending an MSc in Corporate Finance at an Italian private university (no Bocconi) and I am sending applications between Milan and London to look for an intern opportunity in IB by March 2019.

Of course, coming from a semi-target university I would say, it's more difficult for me to get in this world, but in the past years I tried to develop my resume and skills with the final aim to break in IB: right now high marks, two erasmus experiences (one already done, the other in progress) and a summer intern (5 weeks) in Big4 advisory services is what should help me passing the screening phase.

Despite this, in these days of applications, I still feel a bit demoralized and discouraged when applying for banks and boutiques, thinking of being penalized by an academic path made in a non-top european university. Moreover, 2day I just received "NO thx" mail from William Blair.

How would u handle this situation? would u keep selling applications (trusting in statistics) or what else?

Right now I am studying the WSO guide for IB interviews but as I said, i am a bit confused/discouraged.

Thanks for the attention and have a good day.

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Sep 4, 2018 - 8:57am

Ciao campione. Ok so Italian private non-Bocconi I'm assuming Cattolica in Milan or LUISS in Rome. Both of which are good and surely have decent career/alumni services you can access. I'm sure you've seen success stories here on WSO and you should know even coming from a regional semi-target you can make it in IB. It's a contact sport - the more firms you contact the better. Milan and London have plenty of opportunities (I would strongly encourage you to check out Mediobanca as they have quite a few open positions for Milan). Keep networking and applying, it'll pay off. If you have trouble thinking of other places to apply to, PM me and I'll send you some names otherwise if it's a morale issue...keep going.

Sep 4, 2018 - 11:14am

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