Do I have a chance of getting a job in IB?

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I'm a senior at a non-target school in the south majoring in Finance and Data Analytics. I have a 3.1 overall GPA but both my Finance and Data Analytics GPA's are 4.0's. I have been on the deans list the past few semesters. I am pretty involved at my school and am in the investment club. I have completed two internships one at a big 4 accounting firm for accounting and one in sales. I have never had an analyst internship. I have also had to work all throughout college. My plan is to work for a few years and then get my MBA at a target school. The fields of consulting, investment banking, and private equity really interest me. I have a small number of connections in IB but there are some alumni from my school who work in IB.

Do you think I have any chance of getting a boutique investment banking analyst position in New York or Boston after graduation? If not, what would you suggest? I have considered getting my CFA or trying to get an analyst internship after graduation. I am desperate to get into IB and am willing to work extremely hard.