Do I have a shot at Mckinsey?

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Hi all, I want to get some realistic perspective on my chances of getting an interview with McKinsey. I am a MBA grad from a non-target b-school with decent GPA (3.7 and 710 GMAT) and graduated 3 years ago. Since MBA I have worked with two major firms (both Fortune 50, one is a tech firm that is a top 10 MBA employe ) in two different industries.

I am not looking for an engagement manager role and understand I will be applying for an Associate role. Want to hear your perspective. I can't sell myself as a highly experienced professional (so won't be applying or expert roles) but rather looking to focus on the two industries I am looking to explore (and build my career). If I go through alumni, will I increase by chances? (I assume the answer is yes).

How hard is it to become a McKinsey Associate?

Our users shared that in the case of the OP, it will be difficult but through networking it is possible since McKinsey has a high turn over rate and there are only so many candidates that come from the top ivy league schools.

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