Do I stand a chance at LSE MSc Finance? (2023 class)

Hey guys. i just finished undergrad and am looking to join postgrad hoping to get into IB in London. I wasn't really prepared to apply this year, so I'm applying next year. I had already decided to apply to Bocconi and HEC as the two schools are pretty tolerant when it comes to low GPA (3.35 yikes) abysmal experience (none so far). However, today I received my GMAT score, it's 750 (Q50V42). I started preparing for cfa level 1 as well and secured an internship at a decent company as an M&A deal advisor, but that one will start in Jan.

After receiving the GMAT score and internship offer, I got stupidly hopeful and thought maybe LSE could be a choice. But seriously my GPA is just screaming at me so abrasively. What do y'all think? 

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Jul 2, 2021 - 6:16am

I would think everything else aside from the GPA would help your case a lot. However, because the LSE is more academic the GPA would probably have more importance placed on it than business schools / you'd need to convince them that you are academically inclined.


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Jul 2, 2021 - 3:31pm

can you elaborate on that?

I'm starting to draft articles for Seeking Alpha and did a really good case study on capital structure optimisation, the unfortunate thing is that my university couldn't care less about publishing or reviewing it (3rd world problems. yikes). Does that by any chance count?

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Jul 2, 2021 - 6:52am

Know the course very well. Would say it's worth a punt if you have an interesting LOI and story. They sit down with all the LOIs and student profiles during the acceptance panel and build out the class from there, so if you bring something unique to the class then you might be in with a chance (still a stretch).

If you provide more specific info via DM (i.e. your nationality and where you went to undergrad) happy to elaborate further.

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Jul 3, 2021 - 2:01pm

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