First time post so please be nice...

I recently received an offer from a major European bank to work as an intern in their risk management division (HSBC,CS,BNP, Barclays level) in NYC. I am pretty excited about the opportunity, but its a year long internship and I am a Junior in college at great school(Harvard,Yale,Columbia).

I am conflicted about taking it because on one hand I think its a great opportunity to learn more about the back office roles at a bank and the knowledge/training could translate well into a career in S&T or Consulting full time once I graduate. On the other hand, a year is a really long time and it will mess with the flow of my education and disrupt my well established social and academic placement I have at school with all my friends and peers graduating by the time I return.

At the same time, I have a REALLY bad GPA (currently 2.7) and I feel like I should take this opportunity to build credibility and experience on my resume so that I have something to show when the time comes to find a full time gig.

Care to share your thoughts on my predicament?

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