I enjoy writing about a wide range of things so was wondering who still does.

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I blog! Except the only comments on it are filtered spam.

Financial Modeling


Lots of people do. It's a very mature market now, but if you can pair solid content with good presentation, you'll probably be able to carve a nice niche for yourself in the blogosphere.

Most people do things to add days to their life. I do things to add life to my days.

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I am still an active blogger and write about the financial markets on my own website and on seeking alpha. Its just harder to become a full time blogger, because most popular niches have been filled. However, with good content and enough marketing effort, you can still make decent side money from blogging as I do. I also enjoy writing and getting exposure to my ideas. I recommend blogging to anyone as a way to improve your writing skills or share your opinions on whatever you care about.

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