Do sophomore's get return offers?

I will be interning with Bank of America during summer 2022 (between sophomore and junior year) in their Financial Management with the Chief Financial Officer group, in North Carolina ( I accepted/committed to relocating for the summer). I'm applying now for summer 2023 internships and live/go to college in NY, so I want something in NY this time around.  I was wondering, if I do well at BofA this summer, will I get a return offer for summer 2023? If I do, I assume it will also be in that same North Carolina group, but if I asked, would they let me move the hypothetical offer to their NY office, or would I have to interview separately? Do sophomore internships at a bank like BofA even have return offers?

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Jan 4, 2022 - 5:21pm

Every firm is different so don't bank on them letting you internally lateral. (I personally wasn't able to at a different firm my soph summer). Best advice is to secure another offer for 2023 (in IB or whatever you like) and use that as leverage if they don't let u move internally at BoA.Hope this helps.

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Jan 4, 2022 - 6:41pm

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