Do you match watch's leather strap with belt/shoes?

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For those who wear a watch with a leather strap, do you do it (e.g. black strap with black belt/shoes, brown with brown etc.)

I have seen quite differing opinions on this. Some people say that you should match leather with leather (and even metal with metal, so the color of the bezel on your watch be similar to the buckle of your belt).

Some say that a watch is more like a jewellery, not clothing, so you have more freedom. Besides, the leather strap is small anyways so it doesn't matter.

I am asking this because I have just gotten myself a watch with rose gold bezel and brown leather strap. I've been wearing black belt/shoes to work, not sure if I should go an extra mile and buy brown belt/shoes...

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Mar 7, 2019

I would not do this. Perhaps the truly esoteric fashionista will say it's perfectly fine, but your average guy with a little bit of fashion sense is going to think you don't know how to match your leathers. Cop another watch or maybe just another strap.
When it comes to metals I feel there's a bit more flexibility (i.e. your watch, belt and horsebits don't all have to be brushed nickel) but even then uniformity will generally make you look well put together.
Just my $0.02

Mar 7, 2019