Do you stop at stop signs?

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I view these red octagons as completely redundant placards designed to line the pockets of signage companies.
It would be blatantly obvious that you need to "stop" when a car is speeding in your direction from your right/left.

In fact, it's quite an insult to my intelligence. Are Americans this stupid and/or robotic?

For what it's worth, I absolutely blow through stop signs when there are no cars.
As in, don't even bother tapping my brakes. I don't go through a dance for the sake of dancing.

Before you argue nonsensically, use this as food for thought:
The city of Paris has NO stop signs. None. And accident rates are comparable to New York City.

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  •  Aug 11, 2018

Are Americans this stupid and/or robotic?

You'd be surprised.

Aug 11, 2018
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Aug 11, 2018

I shitpost on WSO when approaching a stop sign

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Aug 12, 2018

I slow down.

Aug 12, 2018

Stop signs are usually put in places where there can be blind spots or harder to see turns and therefore give people more caution than a slow down sign. Good for Paris, but all other major European cities have them and they have comparable accident rates to major US ones.

Aug 12, 2018