Does anybody have any job advice?

I don't really know if this is the right place to post or not, but I'm not sure where else I'd ask this sorta stuff. I'm 18 and I've never had a job before. I'm finishing sixth form in a few months, and I have no clue where I'm supposed to go from there. I have absolutely nothing to put on a resume and I doubt any workplaces are going to take me on due to pity. Because of covid and all the frequent lockdowns I haven't been able to find a place to volunteer. I'll be honest, it's stressing me out so much. I feel like I don't have a future. I don't even want to be rich, I just want to be able to afford to rent a small apartment and be able to afford food, but even that feels so impossible. I don't even know how to apply for a job, I don't have anybody to ask for advice on this sort of stuff. I don't plan on going to university, I don't think it's for me. I already struggle so much in sixth form. I just don't know where my life is supposed to go from here. I feel so much pressure. Does anybody have any advice?


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  • Senior Consultant in Consulting
Mar 18, 2021 - 10:28am

The logical next step seems to be university, no? Focus on getting into a good school doing something you like first, then use any spare time to bolster your CV. Not having any sort of previous experience at 18 is much more common than you think and isn't the end of the world.

  • Analyst 1 in PE - LBOs
Mar 18, 2021 - 4:12pm

"I feel like I don't have a future."

Okay, number one -- take a deep breath. You're 18, you've got a future full of opportunities in front of you. No one has had a job experience worth anything at age 18, just restaurants, farms, and retail. 

 I don't plan on going to university, I don't think it's for me. I already struggle so much in sixth form.

Totally okay. Many of my friends decided against college or did not finish for the same reason. Just know that your career choices are going to be different.

My advice would be to start talking to people in different industries, because you need to find out what you like and don't like. Do you like working with your hands? Maybe you'd be a good electrician, carpenter, plumber, farmer, or lineman. Do you like helping people or making a difference in your community? Maybe you would like to be in the police or a fire department. None of that sound good? You can always join the military -- you might hate it but you'll meet potential lifelong friends and you can spend a few years making money while figuring out what you want to do.

Just note that yes, all of those things I listed involve some training or education. But face it, you're 18 and know nothing -- same as every 18 year old. You're going to have to do some type of training no matter what you end up in to acquire a skillset.

At a more basic level, apply to jobs online mostly. Just Google 'job boards' and you'll see plenty of websites and you can start exploring. You'll need to cobble together some kind of resume even though you have no experience -- that's okay, just be prepared to tell your story like you have above. Alternatively, if you have a shop or business you frequently visit, see if you can talk to the owner or someone behind the desk and explain your situation. Bottom line of this tirade is that if you're genuine with others and explain your logic, people almost always want to help out. Maybe they can't help you at their business, but they might know someone the next town over who needs a helper.

Good luck.

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