Does anyone here know anything about Real estate market in Batumi?

Hello everyone. I am interested how popular is market of real estate in my country, because there are a lot of investors from Russia, Dubai, Ukraine in Batumi (where I live). But I want to know is my city so popular in UK or USA? Did you hear something about it?

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Feb 28,2018

no, cant say i talk to many people that want to invest in Ukraine/Russia.

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Feb 28,2018

Not in Ukraine or Russia, I'm interested if someone knows about investing in Georgia, Batumi. Many people from Russia or Ukraine wants to invest in Batumi, what about UK or USA?

Feb 28,2018

I literally have never heard of it before. Looks pretty though.

Commercial Real Estate Developer

Feb 28,2018

Where are you from? It's really easy for foreigners to buy property here.

Apr 30,2018