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Aug 19, 2018


Aug 19, 2018

how do you know? did you work there? Thanks.

Aug 19, 2018

No, had a friend go through their FT process in 2017.

From your other threads it seems the withholding is because of payment issues and you only have the unofficial transcript? If your GPA is verifiable on there, contact HR and explain the issue, you might be fine. Not sure what your situation is, but your school will also release them if you agree to a repayment plan rather than the full debt.

Aug 19, 2018

My school doesn't release an official GPA, but i can submit my unofficial transcript with all my course grades. Im kind of stressing because im worried that ill get an offer and then will be asked to submit my official when i graduate, and that means ill be putting the HR team through hell before i even start.
How do you suggest i go through this?
Thanks for the replies, super helpful and much appreciated

Aug 23, 2018

To add to what other have said, generally speaking (or at least for large companies), having your transcript checked is a part of your background check, but rather than having to submit yourself, you sign a waiver and the company that does your background check contacts your school and gets the transcript directly.

I would try to talk to your school asap and agree on a repayment plan, because you otherwise take the risk that they sell your debt to a collection agency (it has happened to a few people I know) and that's going to absolutely wreck your credit for a few years.

With tuition being where it is, the vast majority of people should be understanding of your situation, you definitely wouldn't be the first person to have issue paying off their tuition, but you need to manage the situation so that it doesn't become an issue with prospective employers.

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Aug 22, 2018

Most jobs will ask for a transcript following extending an offer to college student/recent grads as part of the final vetting process. Did you bomb some classes, or exaggerate your GPA? Mistating your GPA is a much bigger deal than a senior taking it easy his final semester.

Aug 23, 2018