Does india have a higher standard of living than china?

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Does india has higher quality of life than china ?
They are both fast developing countries, but which offers a better life?
China has 5 times more GDP than india...but india is democrat country, thoughts?


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Sep 25, 2012

India is a dump. Let's be honest. Some spots are decent but on the whole it's still a very poor country. With that said, India would be a good experience for a few years, I don't know if quality of life-wise it's really that nice but as far as history and culture's a very intriguing place...and I'm not talking about that Bollywood bullshit either.

Sep 25, 2012

india has more poor people than the 26 poorest african countries combined

india is about 2 decades behind china in terms of economic liberalization

democracy in name only son - im pretty sure their fdi is dropping due to corruption and bureaucracy

Sep 25, 2012

It amuses me that there are people still believing in "democracy".

Sep 25, 2012

The amount of poverty in India is unbearable. There are enclaves in India where it is really nice but for the most part it's dirty and congested. The government main goal should be poverty eradication and developing an infrastructure but they focus on things like building out a space program. China has its own set of problems but at least they have been focusing infrastructure development and creating a skilled workforce. India seems stuck on a system based on nepotism and stagnant bureaucracy.

Sep 26, 2012